Extraction Services Explained

Supercritical CO2 extraction

Is a sophisticated method of extracting bio-actives where the extracts retain biological activity.

Benefits of supercritical C02 extraction:

  • High extract yield

  • Heat sensitive materials are gently treated

  • Extracts and residues are solvent free; making them both saleable unlike other solvent extracts

  • Selective extraction and fractionation of extracts is possible

  • CO2 is recycled within the plant

  • De-selection of heavy metals

Pharmalink have developed a proprietary process to enrich liquid extracts using CO2.


Co-solvent CO2 and Ethanol extraction

Additional benefits of co-solvent extraction:

  • Increases extract yield from raw materials that contain polar lipids or with compounds with low solubility in CO2 only.  This is a great benefit for raw materials that contain phospholipids

  • Different fractions of polar and non-polar lipids can be separated in this process

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